Holiday Time

Holiday times are upon us. This is my favorite time of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

This year my little one is dressing up as a pink and black cat. I made her some furry gloves with faux black fur and some stretchy gloves, cut the tips of the gloves off and we are going to paint her nails silver.

With Thanksgiving coming up I have some family coming from New York and Tenessee to my mom’s house for a get-together. Aunts and cousins I have not seen for a while.

Other than that working on some new jewelry for my shop and promotional flyers.

Here are a few!



Halloween Time!


I love when it gets close to Halloween. It’s my opportunity to create more costume and cosplay jewelry. For instance above is my new copper and brass wire wrapped choker necklace with green emerald centerpiece.



And here we have a new Silver and copper adjustable tiara with ruby red centerpiece. These are so much fun to make and I love creating new things, especially to add to costumes.


Both are available in my Etsy shop at

Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping takes some getting used to. I have been doing it for years. It first started in my art class in 10th grade. My teacher who used to be a college art professor showed me how to use wire to make designs.



Several years later and I still enjoy wire wrapping. Whether its rings, bracelets or pendants I find enjoyment in bending wire to my will.


Summer Jewelry

Spring and Summer are amazing for jewelry styles. Anklets, bracelets and upper arm cuffs to show off some uniqueness and style.

This beauty is sapphire blue gauge 16 wire with silver wire accents. Lovely and adjustable. Just the perfect fit and goes great with tank tops, dresses, events and everyday wear. Available at


This piece is elegant, adjustable and simple. Copper wire wrapped 16 gauge with silver accents and pearls. Available at

Fairytale and Fantasy Themed Jewelry

Recently I have been asked, “Why Fairytale and Fantasy themed Jewelry?”

Who does not have a favorite movie or tv show? Does that even exist? I think not. I think it’s harder to narrow it down to your “favorite” rather than to think of just one. When I was a little girl growing up my favorite movies were:

-The princess bride

-Big trouble in little China



-The Dark Crystal

-The Neverending story

Check out our Ouroboros Snake Pendant inspired from The Neverending story. Many have asked me to customize this for them. I have had a customer who requested a horse charm to signify Artax added to this and clear crystal to signify the childlike empress. It’s all about how it makes you feel when you wear it.


As you can see anything and everything fantasy related.  When I was about 12 years old I was given a very dear book to me. A lovely leather bound fairytale book with gold inlay and silk ribbon bookmark. The book was given to me for my birthday by a friend who lived with my grandmother, Beata. Beata was Polish and came directly from Poland to live in America and learn. She told me it is their custom to give books as gifts. The book was full of every fairy tale known to man as well as their origins and original authors. I loved that book and it inspired me. I vowed to ensure that this was one of the items I would keep and hand down to my children one day.Now that I am grown and my daughter an advent reader at 7, she adores this book very much. I hope it inspires her in life as it did for me.

Another inspiration that I pull from is Sailor Moon which I loved to watch as a teenager and video games like Final Fantasy. Check out our Sephiroth Inspired black materia pendant from Final Fantasy 7. Great for cosplay and collections. Lovely piece.

Many things inspire me with my jewelry, but it all comes down to what makes you feel good? Memories, experience, and emotions play a huge role in my creations and continue to inspire me to create new items daily.

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Cosplay Items/ Accessories

I am loving creating new cosplay items and accessories for my favorite games, movies, tv shows and anime. Got some lovely cosplayers to model some of my items for me. More to come soon!


Here we have Sailor Jupiter sporting my new Tiara design. Gold metal and green cabochon in the center. These tiaras are not only light-weight and malleable to fit to your head, but extremely comfy with great hold. Wonderful for photo shoots, cosplay, halloween and conventions!

Here we also have Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus. Each with their own tiara accordingly. They look great for cosplay!




Sailor Pluto means business!



Here is Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, showing off our One winged angel black materia pendant.


I just love the idea of cosplay, and what a special piece can really do for an outfit! More to come soon!


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Newly Added – Wizard Wands

We are proud to announce our newest addition to our store. Handmade Oak Wooden hand carved wizard wands!


Cherry Wooden Wand

No two wands are a like! For instance the wand above is hand-carved in a twirl design- hand-carved handle, pre-stained and stained a light cherry wood color, and lastly a coat of gloss.

Each wand is unique and made with love and a touch of magic. They measure approximately 14″ length.

Inspiration for these wands come from all directions. From Harry Potter, to Sailor Moon… from Dungeons and Dragons to cosplay!

To see more of our wands visit our etsy store Kingsfieldinn